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Lucy & Coo pieces are designed and handcrafted with extraordinary care by our artisans in California with Beautiful, Rare and Responsibly sourced Hearts & Arrows diamonds.

Diamonds that reach a superior optical symmetry in the pavilion facets create a beautiful pattern called "Hearts & Arrows." Through a scope, you can recognize eight perfectly shaped hearts from the pavilion and eight perfectly shaped arrows from the crown.

We are suppliers of Excellent Ideal Cut AGS 000 diamonds with perfect hearts and Arrows.

The beauty of a diamond is determined by both its internal and external brilliance. Our Excellent ideal Cut's precise proportions ensure both consistency and beauty. Due to its very strict cutting measurements, Excellent Ideal Cut gives each stone maximum brilliance and fire.

Over 10 different colors and clarities to choose, calibrated from 0.60mm to 4.25mm loose or mounted, No minimum order requirement. 

Conflict free diamonds in full compliance with the kimberly process.

Each diamond we sell is scanned with automatic screening devices for the detection of laboratory-grown (synthetic diamonds)